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Moving the thanksgiving events to hopefully this thursday and friday
althought its a little late xD
in about to hour can some people please help me a kill a wither that i accidentally let loose on top of the nether please
Hi sal
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Happy Thanksgiving!

MechaTech84 a posted Thu at 14:51
Start:November 17 09:00 EST
End:November 17 17:00 EST
Impact of work: Your server with the FTP host will be inaccessible for up to two hours.  FTP host information will change.

We will be improving the performance of your Minecraft server by moving it to one of our new, state-of-art machines.   Everything on your server, such as your server files and IP address, will remain the same with the exception of the FTP host that you use for file transfers.  After the maintenance, login to Command Center to view the new FTP host information.  We hope you'll enjoy the upgrade.
All day long! Go read up on it HERE

Voting Plugin!

RaesWolf a posted Nov 6, 14
To help make things easier Whiteipad made us a voting plugin.  This is a simple plugin so you dont have to go to our website just to vote.  Type /vote in game and click the links, vote, earn money! :D Yay!!
horselovermh101 Thank you much white! ...
We had such a great turnout for our halloween events!  I am so excited! Everyone did so well and earned some great prizes at the same time!

the Pumpkin carving contest Will keep going so feel free to go work on your pumpkin as it must be done by tomorrow (Sunday) evening so we can judge them at that time.

We will also have our drop party tomorrow 10 am Pacific Central at spawn :)

So come back on and have some more fun with us! Such an amazing start!!! Diggity who joined us during our events got a lot for a great start!!

All prizes and awards have been copied over already.  Another post will follow later with who won during each event :)