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pica? he is advertising a different server
ihazatree livestreaming now! heres a link: [link]
Problem sloved?
Ah, to use a resource pack I was using MCPatcher profile which was blocking updates, who lived in the house that Jack built :)
ill just uninstall and reinstall from minecraft site
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RaesWolf a posted Jul 13, 14
Remember whatever we get for donations this month will set our servers status for next month as a reward for helping to keep us going!  We will be starting some live streams and recordings soon! If you want to be apart of that let me know asap!
Chriszzzzlol Same, you have my #
picacu3 I'd love to be a part of it ...
In honor of America's Birthday, there is a sale going on in the donation shop! While unlimited supplies last!

Chriszzzzlol Unlimted Supplies eh? ...

1.7.9 Updated MC

RaesWolf a posted Jul 4, 14
We updated our Minecraft Server this morning to 1.7.9!  Please make sure to update your clients.  We were a bit behind on updating this time and we apologize but we are updated and doing good! :)  If you do notice ANY issues or bugs please report them to a mod or admin or post in the forums

Remember abuse of any bugs or issues while updating is a serious offense and is still against the rules!
Roshi_Ki My overworld inventory is gone! I REALLY need it back I can't run the gauntlet without it! this is to include: Over 7+ s ...
Please read this important announcement regarding donations and donor ranks!
Our June Packages are up and out a day early! Hope everyone has had a good month for May! I know ours was so busy we forgot to do our May Packages and we are so sorry for that!!  I am also working on moving in the next couple of weeks to better internet and will start lots of live streaming once I Do ( WOOHOO)!

Thanks to all who continue to enjoy and make our server and community better!  You guys are amazing!!!
RaesWolf a Thanks! I plan on doing some streaming on the server as well So be prepared for that hehe ...
BladeofBubbles Good luck with the streaming! ...
Chriszzzzlol That's awsome Raes! Good luck with the move and live streaming ...
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