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AHGC Nether is fixed!

RaesWolf a
RaesWolf @ Steincraft
posted Mon at 6:47

We got the nether fixed!! you have access to commands etc now :)  If theres any other issues in any of the worlds or anything in general let us know!  We know theres been an update and will look into that soon! 

New MC Players ............

RaesWolf a
RaesWolf @ Steincraft
posted Jun 6, 16

New Ranking system for Explorers only.  So I know I have seen a few new players waiting for ever on a rank to be handed out so they can play.  Today bg and I have taken the extra step and worked out a new system so you as a new player waiting for that first rank to happen does not have to wait any longer.  Once you have applied to our recruitment post <-- there is a link where you will fill out a short questionaire that will rank you right up once submitted.  It may take a minute or two as it does checks in 1 minute intervals.  Hopefully this alone will help get new players started! 

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