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New maps looking good guys be sure to check it out!
if anyone would like to help we are $30 shy of being able to pay the server costs
Welcome back then(?)!
I've really been meaning to come back to the server for quite a while, but it's amazing how much work one person can receive.
i Know we need toa t least update so will be doing that asap
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New map now open!

Chriszzzzlol a posted Mon at 20:43

Yup, you can read. The new map is now open to everyone. How to get there? /spawn. Go on lass, do it. Do it.

HunterThief2 Chris transfered mine, if u see him on, just ask!
Wumpus How do we access our transfer chests?
HunterThief2 Yes, if go on dynmap, there are tabs on the right side. You need to click on the one that says AHG or smthing, that will ...

Server Update & New Map

RaesWolf a posted Aug 5, 15

So after watching the forums (yes I was watching) and talking to some of you in game it seems like the majority if not all of the members want to have a map reset plus I need to do some serious updating of the server.  So over the next few days I will be doing the updates that are needed first.  Then once the updates are done I will be setting up a new map and I will make a portal to you for players to start building on.  You will be allowed 1 double chest to bring with you.  We will keep the other map around for awhile while we move things to display world etc. Unless someone has an amazing idea for spawn we will probably just move the current spawn building over or one of our others.  If you have a current paid for shop plot you will receive another plot at the new spawn as well.  Im thinking of having a Market area instead of shops all around spawn.  We can do different things in different areas for the spawn?  Ideas?   I dont plan on removing or adding plugins just updating them. Will only change them if needed. 

Please do not rage or be upset over a map whipe.  This is not something that was planned but something several active members of the community requested.  Once the new map is out we will announce it as we will give everyone 1 week to get some things together for us to transfer over.  After that I will be closing the map down for maintenance to move buildings etc.  During this time the server will still be up I just will  be concentrating on one project at a time in order to get it done. 

Also we have two new active mods! Whiteipad is back as a mod and now known as Chrstian.  Also Horselover has been promoted to a mod as well.  The reason for this out of the blue increase is we may be removing the graylist application requirement and will need extra hands on deck to help prevent griefers as we will become a bigger target for griefing.  But we may open ourselves up to more players as well.  It will be a testing phase.  If it doesnt work out so well we can go back to the grey list any time as I am not removing the ranks just changing the default.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

RaesWolf a When possible and when the server is up please recheck for any lost items. I loaded a backup from right before we did th ...
RaesWolf a For anyone whose lost things during updating please send me a list in a Personal Message and you will be compensated

Happy Independence Day!

RaesWolf a posted Jul 4, 15

Image result for independence dayImage result for Fourth of julyImage result for Fourth of julyImage result for Fourth of julyImage result for Fourth of julyImage result for Fourth of july

Schools out ! :) Hope everyone is going to have a great summer! I have been super busy but am still around! Let me know what you would like to see from us for this summer!

Starting tonight at approximately 12:30 AM PST, Aerial Heights is going premium! We're still working out some of the minor details, but here's what we've decided so far:

  • The monthly fee will cost 10 USD per player, or 35 USD for unlimited players on the same IP (the "family" package). Staff get 50% off. These prices will go up as needed, but we'll be sure to let you know before we make any changes.
  • We are definitely moving to a new map. We are still working on picking the exact map, but we will keep you updated on this. It will be split PVP like the old one, but the sectors might be in different spots depending on which map we decide on.
  • The old map will coexist with the new map for a few weeks. You will be responsible for moving all your items to the new map. We will have a special location set up at spawn for you to store your items until you get settled on the new map and can build bulk storage.
  • The old map will be available for download for those of you who are unable to pay for a spot on the server.
  • We will NOT be moving any builds over. If you think your build is worth saving in the display world, be sure to let Fozzy or Talrasha know, and they'll decide if it's good enough to keep.

Now some of you are probably wondering why we're suddenly going premium. The truth is that we've actually been working on this for a while. There have been numerous discussions in the mod den about if we should do it, how we should do it, when, etc. We didn't want to say anything so as not to alarm you guys if we changed our minds, but we've decided to go through with it. We chose to do it on april fools day because this is just a prank, and we thought people would enjoy a few more days on the server before they couldn't play for free anymore. RaesWolf and I (MechaTech84) are looking forward to holding lots of raffles and bringing back the Mystery Gift packages for those of you who are able to stick around. We're currently looking into upgrading our server. Akliz wants us to test their new Mirror Package. Essentially, this would mirror our server onto another server so we can do plugin updates and configuration while it's running and then just switch people over without disconnecting them.

In conclusion, we'll miss those of you that can't stick around, but we're looking forward to all the upcoming changes! Be sure to check back regularly for future updates!

RaesWolf a What would you like to see for mystery gifts and the raffles?
FozzyKnapps Now is any of it true though? *Cough Cough* Raffles and Mystery Gifts *Cough Cough* Oh yeah and also ...
Hunter_Mag The definition of TARD is a person with mental retardation (Intellectual disability) It's insulting , against the commun ...