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It only checks every so XX amount of minutes
The server status is saying that I'm online even though I'm not. What's going on?
no problems it was being moved to a new box
Server seems to be offline. Any problems?
You get 1 double chest of whatever items you want. However mob/player heads and I believe written books don't transfer over so don't bother putting them in the chest.
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Minecraft Maps

RaesWolf a posted 7 hours ago

These are a lot of Really Older maps.  Ill be downloading the most recent to here soon.  But first if theres any of these that you want please look through them carefully.   I plan on purging these maps soon to make space for the current. 

Oct 1 Server Maintenance

RaesWolf a posted Tue at 7:35

On Oct 1 2015 the server will be down for a few hours while our server host moves us to a newer box! Yay new stuff!  As far as I currently know the IPs etc will not be effected. Only thing that will be effected is the FTP which only concerns myself and anyone who uses backend stuff. 

Start Time:  9am EST

Stop time: 11pm EST  

Doubt it Will last the full time frame provided but it will happen sometime during those hours for around 3 hours according to the email I recieved. 

RaesWolf a keeps us on the best vs slowing down to old hardware
Jmaz24 So what does the server being moved to a new box do? Will that help the server at all?
Gameboon Thanks for the heads up.

Nether portals fixed.

MechaTech84 a posted Sep 16, 15

Nether portals in the new map should be working properly now. The end should be working too.

New map now open!

Chriszzzzlol a posted Aug 24, 15

Yup, you can read. The new map is now open to everyone. How to get there? /spawn. Go on lass, do it. Do it.

Chriszzzzlol a Just ask a staff member when they're online to move your stuff.
Gameboon Two things: 1. How do I transfer stuff? Just ask when one of you guys with special powers is online? 2. I found two ocea ...
Gameboon Wooooooo!

Server Update & New Map

RaesWolf a posted Aug 5, 15

So after watching the forums (yes I was watching) and talking to some of you in game it seems like the majority if not all of the members want to have a map reset plus I need to do some serious updating of the server.  So over the next few days I will be doing the updates that are needed first.  Then once the updates are done I will be setting up a new map and I will make a portal to you for players to start building on.  You will be allowed 1 double chest to bring with you.  We will keep the other map around for awhile while we move things to display world etc. Unless someone has an amazing idea for spawn we will probably just move the current spawn building over or one of our others.  If you have a current paid for shop plot you will receive another plot at the new spawn as well.  Im thinking of having a Market area instead of shops all around spawn.  We can do different things in different areas for the spawn?  Ideas?   I dont plan on removing or adding plugins just updating them. Will only change them if needed. 

Please do not rage or be upset over a map whipe.  This is not something that was planned but something several active members of the community requested.  Once the new map is out we will announce it as we will give everyone 1 week to get some things together for us to transfer over.  After that I will be closing the map down for maintenance to move buildings etc.  During this time the server will still be up I just will  be concentrating on one project at a time in order to get it done. 

Also we have two new active mods! Whiteipad is back as a mod and now known as Chrstian.  Also Horselover has been promoted to a mod as well.  The reason for this out of the blue increase is we may be removing the graylist application requirement and will need extra hands on deck to help prevent griefers as we will become a bigger target for griefing.  But we may open ourselves up to more players as well.  It will be a testing phase.  If it doesnt work out so well we can go back to the grey list any time as I am not removing the ranks just changing the default.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Gameboon Stepping away from greylisting might increase player numbers, so I hope this works out.
RaesWolf a When possible and when the server is up please recheck for any lost items. I loaded a backup from right before we did th ...
RaesWolf a For anyone whose lost things during updating please send me a list in a Personal Message and you will be compensated