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Will do, I'll make a tree in spawn or near it
Sure. Why not?
So I may not be able to plan a thanksgiving event but what about doing presents for Xmas again under a tree like we did one year?
Everything's working now. :sick: Glad to be back on AH!
Try again
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I would personally like to take the time to thank those of you who have personally contributed to the ongoing of AerialHeights. Even to those of you who haven't but have kept AerialHeights in your mind I thank you as well. I'm sure when I say this I also speak for the others who have put a lot of time into this server but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This community astounds me daily as to the feeling of family and security that is within AerialHeights. So I apprecaitate everyone, for all you have done, and I'm sure the rest of the staff here do too. Again, thank you all!

Sad news my friends.

Chriszzzzlol a posted Oct 6, 15

I come to you all today with very sad and concerning news. BonesBones has recently lost his source of income. Subsiquently, the server in a position where it is in danger of being lost. I come to you guys, our community, on behalf of Raes, Bones, Mecha and myself as our last hope.

Raes and Bones have spent the last 6-7 years building what we know today as Aerial Heights. It would be a tradgedy to see it all be for nothing. I certainly would hate to see it go and I hope that you guys can assist us until we're at a financially stable point again. Whatever you can donate we appreciate. It helps, it helps more than you probably think it does. Mecha is currently working on a way to reward you guys for your donations using gifts again so it's not for nothing.

Again, I come to you all, our Aerial Heights community, as our last hope. Whatever you can give is appreciated and will help us to keep going. I dearly hope this won't be the last goodbye my fellow players.

-Chris, Raes, Mecha and Bones

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Mystery gifts are back, with a twist! When you donate for a mystery gift, EVERYONE ONLINE GETS A MYSTERY GIFT! Think about how popular you'll be when you get you and all your friends loot! You'll be almost as popular as the awe inspiring MechaTech84.* Buy your first 7 mystery gifts today!

*Well, you'll at least be one step closer.

Minecraft Maps

RaesWolf a posted Oct 5, 15

These are a lot of Really Older maps.  Ill be downloading the most recent to here soon.  But first if theres any of these that you want please look through them carefully.   I plan on purging these maps soon to make space for the current. 

Oct 1 Server Maintenance

RaesWolf a posted Sep 29, 15

On Oct 1 2015 the server will be down for a few hours while our server host moves us to a newer box! Yay new stuff!  As far as I currently know the IPs etc will not be effected. Only thing that will be effected is the FTP which only concerns myself and anyone who uses backend stuff. 

Start Time:  9am EST

Stop time: 11pm EST  

Doubt it Will last the full time frame provided but it will happen sometime during those hours for around 3 hours according to the email I recieved. 

RaesWolf a keeps us on the best vs slowing down to old hardware
Jmaz24 So what does the server being moved to a new box do? Will that help the server at all?
Gameboon Thanks for the heads up.