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Yes working on fixing it now
is the server offline atm?
LiF server going great!
Woohoo Just got some bussiness cards and got 9 days for only 6 bucks
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Animals Feb 22 2015

RaesWolf a posted Feb 21, 15

All around the Cobbler's bench, The monkey chased the weasel.
Come and join us in the weekly build arena again to showcase your creativity and awesome building skills this Sunday. The build events theme this week will be Animals. As always feel free to interpret the topic however you wish. We look forward to seeing your builds and good luck to all. Remember the rules and guidelines are free game to anyone who wants to use them. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go here.
--From Your Ever Eccentric Eventfull Eventors
P.S. -- POP goes the weasel!

Build The Future Event

RaesWolf a posted Feb 12, 15


Fairy Tale Building Event

RaesWolf a posted Feb 2, 15

Any Day or time now! We will have this complete! We have been working on permissions and will soon be starting on the spawn etc.  :)  You will start to notice differences in forums and Donation shop as we do this.  This is a Pay to Play monthly server but will be reasonably cheap.  Right now its set at $2 per month and may go lower etc depending on how its going once we are done.  It will not drop below $1 a month if we get to that point but this is subject to change.  If it is raised it will not be raised too high as the plan is to keep it cheap.  
In the past we have ran FTB based servers and had to do a lot of item banning because of those who would come on just to troll us.  Since this is pay to play we felt it wrong to ban items.  We just ask you follow the rules concerning items etc and make sure not to ruin it for others.  

Watch the forums and our news post for more upcoming info like the full release of the server etc!
Gameboon Hey, I read that you posted that: ***Disclaimer*** If you pay and join before our announcement of its completion/readin ...
RaesWolf a Still trying to pick a good map out first few been tons of water and duds
lordravenshadow oh and good question where do i pay

Merry Christmas!

MechaTech84 a posted Dec 24, 14

RaesWolf a Merry Xmas everyone!!