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2nd night in a row that I have kept up all night. Cat "watered" my bed again at 4am. As soon as I have clean blankets I am going to sleep. Should be back full time tomorrow.
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Easter Spring Break

RaesWolf a posted Sat at 20:19
We are having a series of events this week.  Not only is there the build event and Roshi's Easter Event.  Also now all week long you will be able to ride chickens, find eggs in tall grass every 5 minutes or so and maybe even some diamonds!  Keep a look out for all this cool fun stuff that will be starting tomorrow!

Have a great spring break/easter everyone!

April News Letter

RaesWolf a posted Apr 3, 14
So the month of April has finally arrived and with it will hopefully be a very fun and interesting month ahead of us.  We have a new eventor, Roshi, who has been busy planning new events and building the areas! We hope to see some awesome new stuff from him this month.

We have also released our new mystery packages for this month and lowered the admin ones. We will also have some other new things in the donation center shortly such as new donating options for ranks.  Those are coming soon this month and will only be available for this month!

This month is very special to us.  It is our third straight year and we are stronger than ever.  Meeting donation goals each month and some months even surpassing that goal!!  Mecha and I are taking in several amazing ideas to help with advertising as well as new perks among lots of rewards!  

There will also be a lot of drop parties here and there this month held by me of course.  Mecha added an amazing option to his plugin just for me that simplifies drop parties! Making it more fair as the items will spread all over the place versus following me and hoping to get something good!

We want to thank everyone who is apart of Aerial Heights, especial thanks to those who founded us and helped keep us going since the beginning, as well as those who chose to stay and help us grow versus running off to make their own servers.  It has been a bumpy Ride here and there and I am just so amazed and grateful we have come as far as we have and can continue on!.

The community we have brought together is amazing! All of you have made us as awesome as we are today! And that alone is just amazing in itself.

~~~~~Aerial Heights Staff~~~~~
RaesWolf a Also fireworks at spawn WOOT

This is our History Center Located near the spawn for those who have yet to see it. Now its still in progress but the main part of the building is done. We will be going through adding all sorts of valuable information throughout the building. So every floor will contain some history on our community and server. The top will be dedicated to donators and talk about donating and some different perks etc we have offered and do offer currently. If you want to see something specific inside the history center feel free to comment on this post or message myself personally :)

NinjaTomatoes I'm up there for being here the longest
lever97 I believe mecha, and raes's head should both be placed in a room, as they are the most loyal, and longest playing player ...
crisisT47 I'm really excited to see what's inside the History Center. I've only been here since January of this year, so I'm exci ...
Starting today and ending on March 18th there will be a 2 day 25% off sale throughout our donation shop! Several things are affected including all of our mystery Gifts!  Hope you enjoy and have fun!

Remember you can purchase multiple of the mystery gifts without worry if you will get all of your items as our plugin remembers so as you unload your inventory will keep loading until all your items are received!!

Happy Pi Day!

MechaTech84 ao posted Mar 14, 14
Happy Pi Day Everyone!

TheBlueTroll and a 3.141592653589793 to you all from me!
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